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I missed this when it first came out on PBS in Nov 2010, but a colleague just sent me the link to this video (Thanks, Caryn!), which is a companion piece to the book The Wolverine Way, which I wrote about back in October.

PBS Video. Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom


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Bluefin Tuna, part II

There’s an incredibly thorough article about Bluefin Tuna over at The Ethicurian (Boycotting bluefin isn’t enough — time to turn on the siren, 1/11/11).  The current state of things for the bluefin isn’t good. Author Mark R. points to international politics, red tape surrounding listing of the bluefin, and pressure on wild populations due to market demand for sushi.  He cites Paul Greenberg’s article from the NY Times Magazine from June 2010, as well as Greenberg’s book, Four Fish, which is still on my list to read.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons: http://opencage.info/pics/large_7431.asp

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From a post last month on PopSci.com, The Most Amazing Science Images of 2010.  One of my favorites, a photo by Eshel Ben-Jacob of competitive bacterial colonies:

Bacterial colonies release toxins that create a "no-man's land" in between. Image via PopSci.com by Eshel Ben-Jacob

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