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A friend came to me the other day with a pressing issue: “I need you to teach me how to tie a bowtie.”

I showed him in person, the best I could without a mirror, but then I had to run to class, realizing that I hadn’t quite given the clearest instructions. So I half joking said, “You know, I could probably make a Jing that would walk you through it.” And yes, we all recognize the inherent dorkiness of making a screencast with step-by-step instructions on how to tie a bowtie. I’m okay with that.

Click for Jing tutorial

It turns out that most YouTube videos are not mirror images, which makes them difficult to follow along at home. But since I used the webcam on my laptop instead of a video camera, it’s backwards (and appropriately so; it’s what you want). So if you need to tie a bowtie — and yes, you should learn how to tie one — hopefully this will be helpful.


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