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A colleague (and fellow football coach) alerted me to this story today, and it’s worth watching if you coach youth sports, or if you have children that are involved in contact sports.

Hard Hits, Hard Numbers is a segment by Stone Phillips that covers a study done by researchers from Virginia Tech on impact and the brain in youth tackle football. It follows one team of 7-8 year olds over the course of an entire season, looking at impact data from hits in practice and games by fitting several players’ helmets with accelerometers (which measure force and direction of impact). Although this study deals with hits to the head in football, the research would apply by extension to any contact sport played with a helmet, such as hockey or lacrosse.

Stone Phillips on PBSNewsHour: Pint-sized Football Players Take Big-League Hits

The full article from the study was published last month in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

It’s something we should continue to think about as coaches as we work to ensure safety for the children that we work with in youth sports.


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