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I find myself somewhere in the middle of the introvert-extrovert continuum (she suggests “ambivert”). I enjoy working alone, reading in quiet places, not dealing with people, plugging away at something, writing, creating. But I also really enjoy company, and I do like to talk. This is a terrific TED talk about the importance of understanding introverts, especially as educators. I’m looking forward to reading Susan Cain’s book Quiet.


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I had trouble embedding a short Jing Video yesterday. But it looks like WordPress has some sort of connection with TED, which is nice, and they make it really easy to embed video. Now if they just had some sort of connection with Jing…

This is one of my favorite TED Talks, one where Hans Rosling uses some new software to take a look at some old statistics in a new way. The connections to the classroom should be obvious. The technology doesn’t have anything to do with developing countries, health, child mortality, etc. (although that’s the content), but it’s the technology that allows us to communicate something clearer than we could before. That’s huge.

More from Hans Rosling at Gapminder.

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